roy varghese   chartered accountant  
  We are dedicated to
the use of our
knowledge, our
responsiveness and
our team spirit to
contribute to the
prosperity and success of our clients throughout the world
RVA is customer-focused and driven by a clear understanding that value, quality and reliability guide our decision-making. We perform our functions under the following guiding principles:

Continuously challenge our priorities, policies, rules, procedures and business processes to ensure that we are providing efficient and effective services to our customers and our staff.
Recognize and accept that change never ceases; that it provides us the opportunity to become responsive to customer needs.
Demonstrate accountability to those we serve by taking responsibility for our actions.
Support open communication at every level of our business processes.
Encourage management and staff to demonstrate responsiveness and flexibility in servicing customer needs and solving customer problems
Provide meaningful information and education to all our clients in a timely manner.
Maintain public trust by being an ethical, sensitive, effective, and cost efficient organization.
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